Marathoner who never gets tired

Bucharest, Romania
September 17, 2013 7:51am CST
Recently I watched the Discovery a very interesting movie about Dean Karnazes , who never gets tired runner . I will tell you in short the life of this "phenomenon " . Dean (born August 23, 1962 ) finds pleasure runners during his escapades when , unlike his colleagues who went by bus, Dean used to run home from school , stating that runs extenuantele not produced the slightest fatigue. At the age of just 11, he went running the Grand Canyon , and Mount Whitney , and at 12 years of cycling 64 km , from home to their grandparents home without their parents telling them nothing about his incredible achievement . Its unusual qualities began to attract the attention of others following a humanitarian purpose athletic race , during which other competitors stopped exhausted after 10-15 laps and phenomenal Karnazes ran 105 laps (!) Without tired of being stopped by the organizers just amazed and scared at the same time , the thought that worthy descendant of ancient Greek athletes may suffer a fatal cardiac arrest . Karnazes has left millions of people without reply after running without break and the amazing distance of over 217 km through relentless Death Valley , while the outside temperature was 49 degrees Celsius. Never gave up even in the extreme cold weather . He ran it all without a break - the Antarctic ice , the distance of 44 kilometers , braving a freezing -40 degrees Celsius. The year 2006 brought another record : the infinite runner managed to run 50 marathons in all 50 states. And that 's not all . Karnazes ran a marathon each day, without a break , in 50 consecutive days in which those marathons map of the 50 states. Before the race weighed 69.8 kg at the end of the 50 days that run over 40 km daily , without a break , superman weighed 69.4 kg , in other words , maintain weight , defying Estimates about biorhythms and human metabolism in extreme cases. Following sophisticated laboratory tests , researchers have discovered drugs that , unlike any living creature, not only people 's muscles Karnazes not secrete large amounts of lactic acid , regardless of the length or intensity of this superhuman effort . Even more so if Karnazes force their body to run about 100 kilometers without a break , the lactic acid in his muscles start to decrease instead of increase , making it thus Dean in a person immune to fatigue and exhaustion physics. Doctors and specialists have not yet been able to explain how your lungs and heart work when subjected to efforts that would normally be in collapse. Besides its outstanding features , Dean Karnazes is currently a businessman holding a fabica of processed frozen yogurt in San Anselmo , California. It is an admirable philanthropist , a considerable part of its proceeds being donated to charities and victims of natural disasters .
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