Why I always do something stupid????

September 22, 2013 8:29am CST
Since I quit my ex-job on June, nightmare never stopped to around me. That's because I always made wrong decision. Loss a best job opportunity for a job that never gave me chance to follow customers. Perform too bad in other interviews. Sent lots of stupid messages to the director of general to ask stupid question. He didn't reply me, does he don't want to help me any more? How can I get good job without his help?I don't know. I really want to quit current job, but I can't stand for my father, he may judge me all the time. Actually I don't know what am I writing about now. Coz it is all a mess in my head. I always think too much....I can't stay clam!!!!! I feel I am kind of lost my mind.Help!!!!!!!
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@NoelBwn (19)
• Sarah, Mississippi
22 Sep 13
Its called life, we all make mistakes and sometimes our mistakes can be the best thing for us because it open doors to different and better opportunities, just keep god first and things will start to turn around for you. If you are in need of financial help, just read my recent post and i hope it can help you out
23 Sep 13
Thanks, JB. I cherish every response from mylot friends. My career is a mess now, I don't know what to do. Life is tough. It is my fault.
• China
24 Sep 13
@xiaohongxiaohong Do not give up anything!!! You can go through with it. Everything's gonna be OK. Just fight for your future that noone else can judge. Life is yours and you should always remember......
24 Sep 13
Life means dozens of years of me, it means a lot, and very important. Maybe it is burden, I can't stand for the pressure, I do things without thinking long term, I can't see the future, it makes me miserable.