Earn with your CPU, your computer work for you

September 24, 2013 9:12am CST
Put your computer to make money for you. This is a program that only takes up 2% of your processor and it always pays you to have your computer running. 1- Register here: 2- Download the software "Thread Manager" from the website in the menu "Download" 3- Install the program and start using and earn ! 4- On the website, click on "Profile", introduce your cell phone number to receive a SMS with a code, send the code back to the number you received it to have everything confirmed. It is very easy! And another good thing ... When you register, you will have a link for invitation. Use it to invite new people to the program and earn 20% of the profits of these people with the program! Earn money with your cpu: three site offer this. $30 in a month payment payza,egopay bitcoin,credit card. Registred in USA http://www.ipuservices.com/user/signup/?referred_by=IPU030330 $2 to $6 in a day payment at $50 also paypal. www.coinbeez.com/7515 begin in november. up to $100 in a day. Payment: EgoPay, Payza, Neteller, Bitcoin, paypal. Registered in Belize to the tax law. I just have earn 3$ in about 2 day. Come in and click the link and register.
Digital Generation | A Smarter way to use your PC. The Future PC Network that pays all members attractive daily profits.
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