5 interesting facts about promotional products

September 25, 2013 4:32am CST
Products used in promotion can easily prove to be of essence in your business. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is rather logical and easy to get to. Everyone uses them, and that is not done in vain due to a sheer number of companies, people and organizations which practice the usage of promotional products. So, basically, in this case, it is not a bad idea to follow the masses. In many cases it is, but certainly not in this, since it is business we are talking about! Business and making money, and when it comes to these, you should heed others people’s advice and follow the majority. But not any majority, only if the majority is successful in this, because if it isn’t, then you really shouldn’t do what the majority is doing... A little bit of history Besides the fact that so many are using this concept today, the very idea of promoting something through other products dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. And it does date from early USA, I’m sure you guessed that already. Even to the very election of George Washington. But those were just humble beginnings of course, the industry that revolved around these types of products developed much later during the 19th century. It started with the usage of calendars, rulers, bags, etc. and it ended up with, well, basically the same things... Today they practically still use the same products for promotion. Some things just can’t go out of style, so it seems. And besides that, all types of relatively “small” and “handy” products are used in such purposes. It is always a good idea to use something small and useful as a promotional product. Because, believe it or not, people often refuse free things as well. So, it pays to be careful when choosing something to be a promotional product for your brand. Some more interesting things... The promotional product industry is much bigger than you would think, since there is a lot of money to be made here. Thus, many want “in”, as the expression goes... Besides that, they even have an international association, to keep them together, to work on business tactics and whatnot. A lucrative business, so it seems... Until the 1970s, this was not a real business just so you know, there wasn’t a real industry involved in this. Promotional products were made, but were more like gifts and not in great numbers, like today. Only during the 70s did they finally realize how much money can be earned from making promotional products, and how useful can they be in promotion, and how much can people get interested in the specific product for sale by getting these promotional products. Once that was realized, a boom in the development of this type of industry occurred. Their popularity grew and today, promotional products are an everyday occurrence with practically any kind of company. Any kind of company is interested in promoting their product via promotional products, in most cases. This is why you should always consider getting promotional products of your design for your brand, your product, whatever... Some products, maybe? What can you actually use as a promotional product? Practically everything... Because you can brand anything you want with a company’s name or logo or with whatever it is that you wish to promote. T-shirts, pens, key chains, posters, mugs, mouse pads – these are among the items which are most commonly used in such purposes. In most cases, things that can be worn are usually the best choice for a promotional product, or anything that people use all the time in general. These too are the best choices for being promotional products. Nowadays, many eco-friendly items are a great choice that does make sense, judging from the fact that people are starting to worry a lot about our environment, since it is being destroyed all around the globe... Anyway, I hope I gave you some interesting facts about promotional products in general and something about the companies producing them. All in all, I hope it is enough to get you interested and that I have eventually been of some help in your business adventures. Source:
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