September 26, 2013 6:24pm CST
It Has To be You by thisisnatsumi Description love story Foreword    I am a normal high school student. My name is Cha Ni Neul. I am 16 years old a filipino national, and I am here in korea living here in these filthy place the dorm of the super junior. I never wanted to be here serving this kind of people but I must do this. My mom use to work here in korea for sm entertainment but she got many debts because of my studies. So in order for her to go back here in the philippines, I have to go to korea to pay for her debts.  To be able to pay I must work as a maid since I don't have a choice cause I was just a high schooler. The company offered me a deal of allowing me to go to college in exchange of being a maid of super junior. For elfs maybe its a dream come true but for me it was a big burden.     Chapter 1 Chapter 1: New Maid     August 25, 2012 Today is my first day here in korea. I just finished picking up my luggages and now I am on my way to the suju's dorm. I was so nervous because I haven't master my korean language since I use to study korean back when I was in the philippines. Well here it goes.     knock! knock!                                                                                                                                                                                 I knocked the door then an anonymous guy said "who is it?". I'm strucked as he opened the door "I'm the new maid *bow* nice to see you guys" I replied while my toes were shaking. "oh well come in" leeteuk-oppa said. As I come in I saw the suju fooling around and "Guys here is our new maid her name is Cha Ni Neul" Leeteuk-oppa introduced me and everyone were giving me a weird glare. Kyuhyun-oppa, Eunhyuk-oppa, Donghae-oppa, Siwon-oppa,Yesung-oppa, Sungmin-oppa, Ryeowook-oppa, Kangin-oppa, Heechul-oppa, and lastly Shindong-oppa. "Leader-sshi! are you sure she can handle the household chores? She's a high schooler"   what's with that Heechul-oppa? Why are you underestimating me?  what do you want huh?   "She graduated high school in the philippines and she passed the university of seoul entrance exam" Leeteuk-oppa explained.   "then why are you here? Are yoou one of the elfs who wanted to stalk us?" Kyuhyun-oppa said.   "no! SM Entertainment sent me here" I said   "exactly! because her mom has a big debt in the company and in order to pay the debt Ni Neul-sshi must work here as our maid" Leeteuk-oppa added.   "enough the explanation! now can you cook for us?" Shindong-oppa said.   I nodded as I went to the kitchen to start cooking. then I hear them talking   Heechul: She's  a little girl. What can we do to her? Kangin: She's fresh very very fresh Yesung: stop talking like that!   I'm done cooking, I prepared the table and go to my room. My room is small and it has no bed so I have to use the futon I got from the cabinet of the room. Unfortunately korea is a very cold country and my room doesn't have a heater so I don't know how will I stay there for the night. well I change my clothes and went outside my room and I saw the suju was eating already and I am shy to join them eating.   "Ni Neul! Let's eat" Leeteuk-oppa said as I bow and sit next to sungmin buy I really cant move cause I felt a bad aura againsts yesung who is sitting beside me.   "Ni Neul-sshi you're good at cooking"   "thanks oppa"   "don't call me oppa. the fans may notice there's a girl here. in our dorm"   "so should I call you hyung?"   Leeteuk-oppa nodded. I looked at Shindong-oppa I mean Shindong hyung and he smiles at me while the rest of the suju is glaring at me weirdly.   "I'm done, hyungs just call me when you're done eating" I said. and went to my room to fix my things.   "Ni Neul come here outside" kyuhyun hyung said.   I rushed to the door and opened it then Kyuhyun hyung gave me a load of laundry. I was surprised that he could have that much clothes. Then I started to bring the clothes to the washing machine then when I'm done I haven't notice it was nght time already. Someone tapped me. "Hey? were hungry hurry and cook for us!" Shindong hyung said. I rushed to the kitchen to cook then as I finished cooking I notice everyone is glaring at me again.     just what in the world is happening? why do they keep on staring at me?     After eating I washed the dishes and fix everything then go to my room to go to sleep. it was 3:00 am and I am still awake, I ant sleep because of too much cold so I decided to make a hot chocolate to make myself warm. When I suddenly saw Heechul hyung. ACtually I'm not sure if that's Heechul hyung or Kangin hyung because the kitchen is so dark. I didnt mind them. and I just go back to my room. As I was about to return the cup I saw Kangin hyung from the little crack of the door.   Kangin: so are we going to do. it? Heechul: of course!   Then I saw Yesung hyung pulled them back.
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