Live Meeting

Dallas, Texas
September 27, 2013 10:35pm CST
With the increasingly common use of web based video chat software, it is justified to create commercial software with improved features for users. Microsoft Office Live Meeting is one such commercial software which is subscription-based. Microsoft Office Live Meeting is available on line for free download which means it is accessible to everyone, irrespective of social or financial status. It is compatible with Windows but non-Windows users have to go through some botheration in order to utilize this service. Live Meeting is not compatible with Firefox or Safari on Mac and can only be used by non-Windows users if the meeting organizer establishes an HTTP URL to access the meeting. Several monthly low-priced subscription packages are available for users to choose from. Surprising as it might be, the total number of attendees that you can connect to through Live Meeting is 1,250. Wondering what you need for that? No more than an internet connection and a web browser! This online web meeting service has allowed collaboration between people belonging to different aspects of life for literally all purposes. This, in turn, is revolutionizing the way things function. It has countless robust features like video call recording, saving you the need to make notes of lectures being delivered or discussions being held. Moreover, PowerPoint Presentations and Word files can be shared simultaneously with all the attendees. Not just that, but questioning and polling is also possible with the aid of an interactive White Board Service. There is nearly no limitation on what you want to share, from your desktop to anything available on line, you can let everybody have a view. Microsoft Office Live Meeting, thus allows you to connect to various types of audiences from medical students to employees to salespersons to clients to Managing Directors. All of this impossible at minimal costs which is essentially why it has become common among people today. CUMeeting Live is among the most successful professional online virtual meeting software today. Its highly collaborative and flexible features give the users a wide range of services to choose and use from. Effective communication is ensured with HD video. Improved productivity is a result of the saved time and money through the use of Microsoft Office Live Meeting group video conferencing software. This is, beyond doubt, a positive approach towards bringing improvements in the way things work. For detailed information, please visit
CUMeeting video conferencing software offers an extremely easy and highly collaborative way for people from different parts of the world to feel free to get together via live meeting.
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