Ranting About Life

Quezon City, Philippines
September 29, 2013 6:53am CST
It’s hard when everything you do, everything you see, reminds you of the person who promised to be with you for the long run. But now, he/she is nowhere to be found. It hurts like hell but you have to, you need to move on because life won’t stop if you find it difficult to continue at a certain phase of your life. Life is a cheater; life is not so good at times. One day, it’ll make you happy and then the other day, it’ll take everything that makes you glad you’re alive and then you’ll feel extremely sad. Lonely. It’ll make you feel or enjoy happiness for a moment but then life will take it eventually and you would not see that coming. You’ll think what you experience or what you have will be yours as long as you’re alive but you’re wrong. Life will take it without your consent, without considering your feelings, without caring about what you’ll feel after. And by that, i could call life a ‘cheater’. However, i would not deny that life is beautiful, in so many ways. Well, there’s always good in the bad, and vice versa.
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