Scenic Davis Driving Tour

@dawnald (84146)
Shingle Springs, California
September 29, 2013 11:55pm CST
So a while back I scored tickets on Living Social, season tickets to Davis Musical theater, 6 shows, 2 people, for $71. Today was the first show. I pulled up the directions and wrote them down, really simple, exit freeway, turn right, turn right again. So we exited, drove a ways, saw a Carl's Junior, and stopped for lunch. After lunch we headed on, and that's where the fun began. Well actually the fun began Friday night. Today's show was Spamalot, a musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Tony had never seen it, so after his rent-a-movie was over, I pulled it out and played it. News flash. Tony does not get British humor. While Dearra and I were giggling, he thought the majority of it was stupid, so I was really wondering if he was going to like Spamalot. Fast forward to today, and it soon became clear that we had gone way too far, so I brought up the address on GPS. GPS was not really helpful, trouble getting signal or something, so we stopped at a gas station. He gave us some directions, and soon we ended up at... Carl's Junior. We had done a full circle. Well, more like a figure 8. So I dragged out the GPS again, followed those directions, and ended up at... No, not Carl's Junior. UC Davis. That's when I figured out that the GPS directions were from the opposite direction, and we should have turned right instead of left. We made it to the theater 15 minutes late, and missed the "not yet dead" number. :-( But all in all, for an amateur production, yep not pro, that's why it was so cheap, it wasn't bad at all, and I look forward to the next five shows. Next time we will NOT do the scenic tour. Got home, looked at the map still up on my computer, and saw that I had neglected to write down one crucial turn. Oops...
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