With The Devil

Elizabeth City, North Carolina
September 30, 2013 9:12am CST
With the devil you are playing When you cheat and lie Your cheating heart and hands When you seek these things You are asking for trouble You may have something missing It could be your conscience Don't look for someone else To fill that spot You have a hole to fill Deep in your soul Don't weave a lie of deceit Weed out the bad Change your thoughts Things are not always As bad as you thought Never wreak a home Just because you can It will come back and Haunt you for the rest of your life When you have a partner of deceit Forget about a journey of love You won't have any peace Just more lies and deceit Because once they have done it They will do it to you Then you will know how it feels To have a life with lies and deceit With the devil you are playing When you let him in your heart He will break you down And shatter you into
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