If your little daughter told she wanted to be like Miley Cyrus when she grows up

Calgary, Alberta
September 30, 2013 10:16am CST
Lets say one day you got shocked because your little daughter cut her hair short and sticks out her tongue like there is no tommorow and tried acting gangsta and tell you she wants to be like Miley..... What would you do?
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• Philippines
28 Sep 14
Probably think I failed as a parent. even though a child's personality is her own, A daughter acting like Miley is not something I want for any parent, including the future me. parents usually think it's their fault when something 'bad' happens to their kid. Nothing against Miley but I would never want a little girl to act like she does.
• Arlington, Massachusetts
1 Oct 13
Ask her why
• Calgary, Alberta
1 Oct 13
lets say she thinks its cool
• United States
6 Jan 16
LOLOLOL That would never happen. If you are a normal person and a decent parent, your child would not want to be anything like her. She let herself be molded as a very young woman by corrupt media CEOs into a trashy, untalented, fashion-less weirdo with no sense of style.