Not good enough

Quezon, Philippines
October 3, 2013 6:50am CST
Hay, my name is Mary and I like to share about a little story for all of you. It’s all about on little girl who falling in love in his first crush, when we flashback a little girl have none know what is crush, and the most is what is love? She doesn’t know what it is. After a girl graduated in grade school and face the high school a little girl has super excited to become a high school student, but where not yet done? She doesn’t know what the troubles’ are, pain being hurts, happiness for a reason and Expectation to be to be granted. A girl has freshmen in a new school; we describe what she has before. A shy girl, innocent, a loner she cannot speak lauder. In the middle discussion a girl has excuses her to go in comfort room, but they don’t know where is it? A girl passing around to look the cr. But when her looking around her eyes focusing in a boy who they attracted, she’s feeling like a girl meets his match. And he is standing in the table and looks around for a books, after that scene a girl admire to this boy even she doesn’t know who it is, but they contented to see him in long view, a girl finish his 1st year in a 2nd year she belongs in section 5, and they know that his secret crush is his classmate. In the first day in school a little girl worried that why his crush not attended in the class, before the break the girl see him outside and looking to them and gave his sweeties smile. A girl has inspired, in love and the joyful conversation with them she gave her sweeties smile for them, but waits a minute why he’s not attended the first subject? The teacher dismiss his class, so a girl took his teacher that a boy has not belong to the class, a girl feels so disappointed it’s because his crush already transfer in other section, but the girl have more hope that even they his not classmate, one day the p.e teacher has absent a girl assign to be a leader of the class versus in other section it’s because need to complete the games for in trams, a girl surprised the his crush is her teammate so they have a conversation between them and sooner few months they were been so closed and a girl has so very happy that her dreams maybe came true, and the boy “nagpaparamdam na ng feelings for her “but she did not focusing maybe they were not ready, and a girl focusing her study because they belong to the top student in her class, but “di nya panama isinantabi ung ganong bagay ”it’s because girl really loves them, after that weeks ago there have no communication between them, a girl has busy and the boy I don’t know he’s busyness, one day during the first class the girl heard the news that the boys really loves has a new found someone has better for her, the shock was surprised them her tears falling down quickly and faster go to the c.r to wipes her tears and text them that the news was true?, the boy replay YES. “Kase ang tagal mo” the girl was so shock and her heart was “paunti-unting dinudurog” after that last text a girl erase his number, and did not see him anymore and to move on and let the pain go outs to her broken heart, she’s focus her study the cause of that she is the top 1 in her class, even she is younger to encounter the most painful in our life girl stand by painfully years in her life for loving on a guy, but wasted is truly loved for them. After a years a girl has moved on for past, even she encounter troubles she know how to manage her feelings and keep that love is like a wrecking ball .
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