Life is not Easy if We Choose to Live it the Hardest Way.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - Life is not Easy if We Choose to Live it the Hardest Way
Bangkok, Thailand
October 6, 2013 12:38am CST
Life is not Easy if We Choose to Live it the Hardest Way We can either make our life easier or difficult as the way we want it to be, the choice is on us. Accommodate ourselves with the environment around us or we are going to do everything with rebellious and react negative. We should always stays positive and try to stay calm in every common situation to resolve them with a smile. If we are aggressive and frustrated with negative feelings, this can only make the problem even bigger and more complicated follow up with a psychological influences on us. When there is a problem occurs, we can’t avoid it because its already too late. So it is advisable not to panic but just stay relax to let our brains work then we will comes out with a solution. But some person just unconsciously make things complicated and they did not try to think logically thus begin to act in panic when things goes into a wrong direction. They prefer to turn right while go straight is the shortest way, this is mostly done without thinking and from their emotional response. Then anger rise from our body can completely change our attitude and make us a totally different person. If we possess the ability to change in our attitude then go for it because it will be a wise decision and we will have to think twice before we are going to do everything in a tantrum. Panicky response will only have the adverse effects and will not be tolerated by other because it will scare them always first before they understand it earlier. Try to keep everything as simple as possible, things can goes wrong sometimes but it is also difficult enough for us if we aggravates on our reaction because then its just show that we are not social. Why bother to go for the hardest way when things can be done easily, always try to keep ourselves under control and this will give us even more good opportunity in our life. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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