About Me.....

October 7, 2013 1:45pm CST
I'm Melezer Cabrera Renomeron. I was born 18 years ago on the 6th of May. I spent my high school years in Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches and now I'm trying to graduate and survive college in FEU Diliman. I first attended Lyceum of the Philippines University then I transferred to FEU Morayta. And now I'm here. I love reading books and watching anime, Korean and American series. I love pizza, pasta, burger and chocolate sundae. I love sleeping. I spend a lot of time watching weird and funny videos on the internet. My favorite color is red and black. I like simple but cute stuff. I'm a procrastinator (not proud). I like catching up and bonding with my family, friends and pets. I like learning new things but I hate studying. I hate waking up early and I don't eat vegetables. I like to dance even though I have zero skills in it. My frustrations are that I cannot dance, sing, write and putting my thoughts into words and action. I want to be a reporter someday but it's weird since I don't like speaking in front of many people. I seriously have a problem with it. I think I might have a stage fright. I want to meet and talk to someone with a British accent. Who doesn't love that musical accent? If I ever graduate from this course, and if I will be given the chance, and if by some miracle I stopped being a lazy person, I'd like to take up Journalism or at least a short course or program on creative writing. Someday I would like to visit all the beautiful places in the world, especially the cities. I'm also an awkward person. Not to be creepy but I may be a quiet person but there's actually a lot of things going on in my head. ;)
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