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October 8, 2013 2:20pm CST
SEOEnigma is a site made for webmasters. With our site you can exchange traffic, banners, and links on other member's sites from around the world. Utilize our various SEO tools to help your site reach it's full potential. You can even earn cash while you promote your site. Every time you refer a member to our site, you earn cash for every purchase they make for life. Below are just a few reasons why you should be using our site today! ------------------------------- Our services are all WHITE HAT methods, which means they won't harm your site unlike other dirty tactics. Referral Commissions - Up to 40% commissions for purchases made by your referral for life. Manual Surf Traffic Exchange - 1:1 credits per surf, geo-targeting, unique views, custom surfing timer. Our traffic exchange is un-bottable, which means literally every single visit you get from us will be a real human visitor viewing your site. Other traffic exchange sites have very un-secure captchas that bots will continuously take advantage of. Our captcha is simple to use, but also effective in stopping bots in their tracks. Banner Exchange Network - We offer two types of banner slots on our site, one is free to use but costs credits for impressions, the other is lifetime banner slots which can be purchased with credits or by buying premium membership upgrades. Unlike other traffic exchange banner systems, ours is not rotated within our site but on the other member's sites. This means you will be getting much more value out of each click. Lifetime banner slots will get you unlimited clicks for as long as you have a banner attached to the slot without any additional credit usage. Link Exchange Network - Trade relevant links with other webmasters that belong to our site. It's free to list your site, but costs a small credit fee to request an exchange. Our system will check to see if the other exchanger still has your site linked to their site. Webmaster Answer System - This is a system that has been created to get answers to those tough questions that you can't solve on your own, related to webmastering. Yes there are many other answer sites that you could use, but what makes ours unique is that it's based around webmasters as well as a point exchange system. You can offer a reward of your choice to give to the member that gives the correct answer to your problem. There is no upvote system to prevent people from creating multiple accounts to upvote their own answers, instead you will have a time period to approve the answer or the best answer will be choosen and the credits will be awarded. SEO Tools, Resources & Services - Our site has a wide variety of tools and guides that will help you reach your site's full potential. As mentioned before, these are also all white hat methods that will only improve your site instead of potentially harming it like other "SEO Service" sites. Reliable Staff Members - We constantly update the tools and services on our site, to make sure you have all the tools necessary to promote your site. Staff members are fast, friendly, reliable and on stand by to answer any questions or problems you might have with our site.
SEOEnigma is a multipurpose webmaster haven to aid with gaining traffic, developing your website and more.
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