9 Reasons to Travel by Train in India

Delhi, India
October 9, 2013 6:07am CST
Traveling in train is itself a great and wonderful experience. Long distance travel in the country can be easily covered by a train. If the train journey has to be compared with the air or the road journey, then the train is the best option because, train has the lower fare as compared to the air ticket and the price of the petrol also if you plan to travel by road. Air price changes minute to minute, where as road journey is full of hustle & bustle. If we talk about traveling in India by train, then do not get confused because, India has the largest railway network in Asia. In India the rail starts from the Jammu & Kashmir lying in the extreme North to the Kanya Kumari which lies in the extreme South and is the end point of the India country. The 9 best reasons to travel by train in India are: Cost – Pocket Friendly Rail ticket costs cheaper than the air ticket. There is a huge difference of price between these two types of tickets. Children below 5 years of age can travel without a ticket in the plane, where as one has to bear the air ticket even if he/she is an infant. Sagacity – No panic Flying in air can make you panic sometimes - - pre-booking tickets, 3 hours pre-check in, security check, limited baggage, boarding time etc. Traveling by train is a complete tension free process. One just has to carry his/her e-ticket, go to the baggage check and just board the train. The train can also be board at the last minute of its departure. Affinity – The magic spell Traveling in train can be really amazing because, India is full of scenic beauty. One can look out of the window and enjoy the Indian beauty. Liberty – Feel the independency The passenger is free to eat, drink, sleep and move in & out of the train as they wish to. There is no requirement to tie the seat belt or follow the instruction of not to carry the food inside the train. Vantage – Feel the comfort ability Seats in the train are spacious enough and there is no restriction on the luggage carriage. One can choose between the chair car and the sleeper class train. Traffic– No problem As the train runs on its track, there is no hustle bustle of the road traffic and the traffic signals. Experience the Joy– Always Memorable One can enjoy and experience the scenic views of cities, mountains, rivers & deserts etc, what one has to do is just sit on the window side with a news paper and a cup of tea or coffee. Safe & Secure– Safety comes first The passenger traveling in the train can be sure about his/her safety & security. No tension for the theft, robbery & crime in the train. Medical Assistance– Health is Wealth If the passenger falls sick during the journey, the immediate medical assistance is provided to them. The doctors and medical shops are available on the every stoppage of the train. Luxury Trains of India There are many superfast trains which run and cover the different parts of India. Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express are the two fastest trains of India, the 6 most luxurious trains of the country are 1. Palace on wheels 2. Royal Rajasthan on Wheels 3. Deccan Odyssey 4. Golden Chariot 5. Indian Maharaja 6. Maharaja Express Seeing India through these luxury trains can prove to be the life time memorable experience. The Palace on wheels is the 3rd most luxurious train in the world. These trains provide all the necessities and amenities that a flight provides. All the above trains are administered with luxury salon, mini-bar, multi-cuisine restaurants, Wi-Fi internet facility and well furnished cabinets etc. Summary: - Experience the Indian train journey & get over the air & road traffic. Contact for Reservation- info@ijdreamvacation.com & 09810893332 Visit-
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