The Thing That catches me

Quezon City, Philippines
October 9, 2013 9:57am CST
How could I ever thought that I will or would fall in-love with this woman who's eyes mesmerize whenever the sun touches It. A woman with few words or should I say a shy type lady. I thought at first she was that rude and choosy as other girls does. When did we start? At first she's only a typical inspiration for me, to see her is my mission everyday and when she's there I don't know if it's only my imagination but I can hear birds singing madrigals. As I wait for her in the place most people like spending time at their free moment, and she was there wagging her short black silky hair that shines to my eyes. She was eating I was staring at her feeling like it's heaven I wish that it will never end. The moment she steps back to the jungle where she belongs that's the end of my day. Till midnight I still feel that unusual feeling. Am I in-love with her? I hope so. The following day as what I've done yesterday I'm still there waiting in vein to see her and specially to complete my tiring day. Every time I so here Online I can't help my self not to greet her good evening or just a simple hello. Tears of joy want's to came out of my eyes when she response to it. I don't know why but it feels good having time talking with her. Months have pass and days grow longer, but it's getting shorter for me. Why do I have to go online everyday? that's what I always ask myself every time I sat down and grab my notebook to go online. The day I see her I know there is something special on her that I am searching in every woman in this world. she got the thing I want. Few months pass I am surely deeply in-love with this woman and now I'm ready to muster every ounce of confidence I have just to let her know how I feel. Well let me describe this woman she's not that fat, average in height with white flawless skin and a large plate eyes which I like most and she has a sweet large voice. Now after waiting for months I finally now that she feels the same way too and I so glad about that, but let me tell you these I am madly crazy in-love with her like what Edgar Allan Poe to Anabelle Lee. I thank god I finally find someone like her as sweet as I want and now I can say that she's my one and only. That's why I'm writing these note just to let her now I love her most.
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