Honesty will Always be Appreciated.

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Bangkok, Thailand
October 10, 2013 9:39pm CST
Honesty will Always be Appreciated We all live in a time now when crime happened to most of the people. Doesn’t care about the unnecessary needs of life and having the different lifestyles with alcohol and drugs is the mindset of some people whom have been fallen into it dramatically. The decency and honesty will be dropped by the influence of various addictive substances and we no longer think about how important is our attitude. The attitude of getting the fellowship together is no longer being the most important factor because there are other desires and needs which matter most than friendship for some people. A Good friendship is becoming rare, as fellowship has a different meaning now. Almost everything are into financial benefits or to show how well we have done in managing our wealth. This is just for getting the status in order to get more attention by others. That is already a big mistake for some people, because if someone have big money, it doen’t matter how they have earned it, in the right or criminal way, because they only want to be benefited from it or enjoying the prosperity. And this give other a free ticket to go into criminal things, because supposedly money does not smell. These people lie, cheat and harm other but that is not a problem for people who choose to spend the money which is earn by criminal case, but they forget that the same could happen to them (The fox may loses his hair but not his cunning) thus they are also a victim by themselves. And sooner or later they are going to pay for the consequences, because their dishonesty will be settled by law or when they meet the wrong person who does not accept what they do to them. And to destroy our life by knowing that we are dishonest and be punished by imprisonment later or worse its not worth it and for sure they can’t keep cheating others for a long period. What for sure is good for our habit and lasts lifelong with a good reputation is to give the opposite human an attitude without thinking bad and always to be honest and sincere. Honesty will always be appreciated and give us the guarantee for a peaceful and good future. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/honesty-will-always-be-appreciated.html
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• Chengdu, China
11 Oct 13
i am get lot of Benefit about the story?