My Experience with A.W. Surveys

Waipahu, Hawaii
October 14, 2013 9:30pm CST
For those of you out there that may be wondering about the A.W. Survey company I'll share my experience with you. About 3 years ago I signed up with them and only after I had made a little bit of money I started seeing a bunch of negative reports on them online. I kept working until I reached the $25 pay out and when I requested the money I was told I needed $75 to cash out. I did some more research and came across videos on Youtube with people who went through the same scenario and had figured out how to hack into their system to get the money they'd earned. Of course, I don't recommend this. Some of the people said they continued working until the reached the $75 cash out and then were told they needed $100 to get their money. The thing about this is that they would never add more work for you to reach this increased cash out amount so you'd be stuck. As you can see there's a pattern here with increasing the limit when a person asks for their money. For me, I stopped working with them the minute this happened. I see that there are some now who claim the company is legit so maybe they've changed since I last tried them. The only way to know is to see for yourself. Hope this helps.
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