Marriage and package

Ahmednagar, India
October 14, 2013 9:52pm CST
Both rhyme words but perfect for settle down. If package is liked the marriage is sure. The first question what is your name is replaced by what is your package? Package is become identity; it must be appeared on identity card. Gone are the days when people from both families would want to know about the name, village and religious information. They do matter but are not as important as money. They are not out of the list of want to know but certainly they do not come at the top order and least worried. Marriage is need because of the package is good and good package brings together two families. Earlier the people would get married at the very young age and little money and they would have survival question about the family later on. Now days are changed People wait for many years to get promotion and reach as expected package and then they decide marriage. Even the births of children are on waiting list. These all are professionalism.
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• , New York
20 Nov 13
Maybe this could help, it helped me in life