Quezon, Philippines
October 19, 2013 2:20am CST
A few years back, I got myself into deep financial trouble. I quit my day job thinking I could do well in business but it didn't turn out right. During these hard times, I happen to come across different types of friends. These people I've known for years who I somehow helped one way or another when I was employed had acquired new personalities concurrent with my financial issues. Take note that this is based from personal experience, if you think there's more, feel free to add. 1. THE VANISHING FRIEND - the most common type. I have this friend who's based in the USA. We used to exchange e-mails until I asked him if he could loan me some money.. Never heard of him since then. (he's still alive though) 2. IRON FIST - another friend who works abroad for years. She replied ,"Sure!, I'll call my brother so you can get it from him". I was so thankful I almost cried until her brother handed me the 200 pesos he was instructed to give to me. I don't want to appear ungrateful but if I need 200 pesos I wouldn't go all the way to bother somebody across the seas! 3. THE PREACHER - she will let you in her house, listen to your problems, and give you advice. That's good if the words produce the cash you need but after three hours of talk and you're getting nowhere near your objective, you decide to leave and this friend will smile and say,"Just come and visit me whenever you need me. I'll always be here for you." (Thanks.) 4. THE SEEKER- this friend will take you to all available lending institutions in town. She also knows everyone who offers loans with eye-popping terms and interest rates that will put the Mafia to shame. You'll realize this friend is in a lot worse situation than you are and she wants you to share the experience. 5. THE COMMISSIONER - tired of looking for money? The commissioner friend will be ready to give assistance with 10% cut on everything she does for you. Ask her to sell an appliance, she needs her commission for her effort and time. 6. THE INTERESTing FRIEND - this friend will agree to lend you some money with interest. Since you are her friend the rate will be lower but you have to pay the interest every month until you return the whole amount of money you got from her. 7. THE RACKETEER - this friend will take you to all sorts of money-making schemes . We did errand jobs here and there until we (unknowingly) ended up doing errands for drug traffickers.Since I did not intend to end up in jail, i quit. 8. THE TRUE FRIEND- finally, after a whole day of dealing with money issues, an old friend saw me sitting on the gutter. He said, "you look tired." He dug into his pocket, came up with a few coins and he handed it all to me. "C'mon, buy yourself a soda or anything.I'm sorry but it's the only money I have right now." I accepted it not because I needed it,but I saw the sincerity in his eyes that he wanted me to have a break. I counted the coins,20 pesos, didn't seem much in amount but for me it was more than anything I needed. Once in a while it seemed frustrating as we struggle to handle life's ups and downs. But at the end of the day, God will always send a message reminding us that everything, including the hardships are only temporary.
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