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Tel Aviv, Israel
October 19, 2013 6:49am CST
Movies movies movies,I find great joy in watching a good movie or a good serial dont you ? Southpark,THE MOST f*cked up animated serial that you can find ! many can say "it is too insulting" "it is grows" but this what makes it good,they know exactly what is f*cked up in our world and they show us it in their way,in a funny way ! if you still didnt watch this kickass animation,you should.. but maybe at first you wont like it but im telling you it worth it.
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• United States
20 Oct 13
It all comes down to what kind of sense of humor you have. Some people like more disturbing/in your face, no holds barred type of humor, but some people just like good, clean fun. Personally i find South Park hilarious, mainly because they have no problem poking fun at anyone/anything.
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