Qnet Have change my life for good, If you need to succeed in your business hit me up

October 19, 2013 10:20am CST
If you were born poor, its not your fault, but if you die poor..then its your fault..,,so...what are you doing about it? Please don't tell me that a "job" will make you financially free...think again...if you have a job, then you're making "temporary income" , if you're making "temporary income", then you're a slave. Catch my drift? I am talking about Qnet. QNet is the main subsidiary of the QI Group and was founded in Hong Kong by Dato' Vijay Eswaran in 1998. The company was first known as GoldQuest and made custom-commissioned numismatic coins. It first diversified in 2002, into travel and vacations, with a partnership with QVI Club brand holidays. In 2005, QI Group acquired QI Comm, a British telecommunications company In 2006, it began marketing energy, health, and nutritional products, and also the Bernhard H. Mayer brand of watches. That same year, QI Group acquired Prana Resorts and Spa, a vegetarian holiday resort in Koh Samui.In 2007, the QI Group acquired Down To Earth (DTE), a vegetarian organic health store chain in Hawaii. Between 2007 and 2012, QI Group direct sales increased by 70%. In 2013, Qnet announced its intention to shift its manufacturing operations to India. The company's marketing strategy is based on a multi-level marketing model which depends on a group of independent representatives who refer its products to consumers and receive compensation based on the sales volume of their referrals and the sales volume of other independent representatives in their teams who are arranged in a binary fashion. Various governmental entities have described QNet's business model as a simple pyramid scheme: early entrants earn money, and as the number of Independent Representatives (IRs) increases, finding more IRs to join becomes difficult or impossible; IRs that join late do not earn enough to cover their first outlay and the model collapses. QNet's Public Relations manager said that QNet offers a business opportunity that doesn't have high start-up costs. When an IR recommends the product the customer makes a purchase through QNet's system and the IR receives a commission. The compensation plan operates by the recruitment of customers by existing IRs. An IR is provided an ID that gives access to a 'Tracking Centre' (TC) in its system that tracks sales. A TC has a left and right customer group. A 'direct' transaction (a customer's personal reference or sale) is counted as one transaction. An 'indirect transaction (someone in the customer's TC buys/refers/sells) is also counted as 1 transaction. the company pays $250 each time 3 product sales on an IR's left customer group are matched by 3 product sales on the right. QNet is a member of the direct selling association of Malaysia, and the direct selling association of Singapore. Under the names GoldQuest and QuestNet the company primarily sold gold collectible coins as an investment item. Currently, QNet mainly markets products made by other subsidiary companies of QI Group. The products are in travel packages, nutrition, personal care, home care, collectibles, fashion accessories and education.
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