My Awesome set of Friends

Quezon City, Philippines
October 21, 2013 12:21am CST
Last weekend my high school friends and I went on a road trip to the beach at a province. Everything was pure fun. It was one of the times where i'd just forget all my problems and just do whatever. The best part was when we just decided to go to the beach unplanned. Though it breaks my heart because all of them study at De La Salle University and here I am, fifty to sixty kilometers from them. Though i have no problem with my current school right now. I made some good friends and the teachers are also fun to be with. Anyway, as we arrived the "Virgin Beach Resort" everyone was stoked to go showoff their bodies. well except for me... cause I'm fat. But that doesn't matter to them since we all love each other. We're like family. We're all united. When one's sad, we're all sad. When one's happy, everyone's happy. And I will always be thankful to God for giving me such wonderful set of friends who will be there for me specially when there are times when home is not the place where i want to be.
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