There is Always a Sunlight to Guide us Home when We are Lost.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - There is Always a Sunlight to Guide us Home when We are Lost
Bangkok, Thailand
October 23, 2013 9:16pm CST
We sometimes see more dark clouds with rain and storm than seeing the sunshine in nature. Many common situations like this it could also related the nature with our life. There are times when so much trouble are coming to us that we no longer can handle it and actually there isn’t any direct solution can come to rescue us out of the problem. This is often the psychological side of us which make us confuse and we can get into the into panic zone, We have use our thoughts and tried all other option to observe it but can not lead to a solution for the problem and this makes us desperate. This can be only materialistic problems but usually it comes combined with the disagreements in relationships which caused too much pressure on us and we have a tendency of overstrain. This is a very normal phenomenon, because our inner feelings can have much influence on our behavior and outward attitude. At such a moment we just lost the direction of our daily life and do not know what place we are in this world because of all the negative events happen in succession. But how dark it will be at that time, there is always light at the other end of the tunnel, so it is better to always think positive about it. How difficult our situation will be, there is always something will guide us to the correct direction and we will accomplish that with perseverance. The sunlight can sometimes disappear but will always shine through the darkest clouds and it will reflected from our house to guide us back home. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen
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