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United States
October 25, 2013 5:06am CST
There have been quite a few posts that have said that they preferred the old MyLot. Also some that have problems using the new version. Although this one is the only version I have ever used, I will say it was a little confusing at first. I became aware that my commands were not working. Explore would not actually load. Once I took the time to use another browser, I discovered that all functions worked well. Once I became familiar with what everything meant, it was easy enough. As the experienced people suggests, I did take the time to read the rules, a few times in fact. I'm sure I'll still make mistakes from time to time, but do not intentionally break the rules. I can accept correction, and understand it is for my own good as much as it is for everyone enjoying this free site. I use a very old system, and Firefox, and Opera work great for me. I can only go as high as I.E. 8, so it is not supported well here.
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