When We are Doing our Best, We do Not Need to Worry about Failure.

Daily Poetry and Stories Portal - When We are Doing our Best, We do Not Need to Worry about Failure
Bangkok, Thailand
October 26, 2013 1:59am CST
When We are Doing our Best, We do Not Need to Worry about Failure We often want to do more than our physical ability and go to the extreme. That gives us satisfaction and a sense of pride when we are getting somewhere from scratch and can accomplish it with a good result. Because we have our whole heart and energy to contribute it so that is certain we started with our love thus never wasted time, we do things which we fully support and enjoy it . So we do not waste our precious time on this way because in life there is never a guarantee of success , but if we do something with joy, we never can speak of the failure. That give an impact on our life which make us rejoice and every day give a new meaning to have such a great influence that we learn continuously from it. We could not learn these from the school, because this are life lessons we can only learn through our experiences. Everything we do it by ourselves and not because others want it, we just cannot blame others for that , because we do all from our hearts so the fault lies with our own. We can have regret that we have failed for the society and it has not gone as we had expected before or hoped. This not failed ourselves, because we are richer by experience and have learned a lot thus can improve on our own qualities. But we have gained more knowledge for not easy or never to fail in the future in order to achieve better results. We can not do more than our best, so anxiety is an unnecessary waste of energy in our mind, so don’t let the failure beat us and always go for it 100 %. I wish you a healthy life. Kindly Regards, Author Jan Jansen http://poems.easybranches.com/when-doing-best-no-need-worry-failure.html
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