Applause for Marine Blaine Cooper

Citrus Heights, California
October 31, 2013 3:52pm CST
I just want to congratulate Marine Blaine Cooper for standing up at a McCain rally. He in front of many McCain supporters stated McCain and every elected official in Congress, including the President himself should be tried for treason for aiding and abiding an enemy of the United States for funding,and supporting Al Qaeda and its affiliates in the Syrian civil war. He stated that going against what the vast majority of Americans wanted as their elected officials who took an oath to protect it's people from danger both foreign and domestic were acts of treason. Unfortunately McCain responded with He wouldn't dignify that statement with a response, and that nobody was stopping Marine Cooper from running for office if he wanted to. Seems to me if McCain made that remark at his trial, he would be well on his way to a guilty verdict. Remarks like that only incriminate yourself and do not show innocence at all. Sadly elected officials, are under the impression that they are there to represent themselves and those who elected them. As McCain is well aware of the chances Marine Cooper would have on winning an election given his lack of money,media approval, corporate endorsements, and Public awareness, he could never win. I wish that weren't true, I wish anyone who wanted to be an elected official has the same chance as the next guy. Yet given most Americans know who won every year of American Idol more than who they last voted for congress(if they even voted) this will never happen. The nation seems to be less about a person's stance or character and more about how many followers or likes they have. Marine Blaine Cooper I respect the way you politely stood up and made your view known, even if nobody else does. You served to protect me and every person who lives in this country and that will not go without reward! McCain I hope you saw what a real man is, and learn something from it!
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