VAG COM 11.11.3 is similar to VAG-COM OBDII 409.1 Black USB cable

Portland, Oregon
October 31, 2013 10:22pm CST
OBD is a shortened form of On Board Diagnostics which refer to the capability to diagnose and report health information of the vehicle. Like VAG-COM OBDII 409.1, it is a computerized system that monitors the performance of some major parts of the engine as well as emission control. The system gives an initial warning of the problem on the dash board. The MIL light also known as Malfunction indicator Light is an indication of a problem in the engine status. There are various OBD tools available to help car owners and vehicle technicians to access information about the health status of the car. These tools range from simple connecting cables to highly sophisticated gadgets. They include handheld scanning tools, electronic mobile gadget based tools, computer-based tools, data logging tools among many other tools. Most of electronic gadgets are connected to OBD by either USB cables or Bluetooth. The following some of specific OBD tools that are utilized for accessing car health information. VAG-COM OBDII 409.1 Black This is a one and a half metre diagnostic USB cable that is insulated against water and other harsh conditions. It is blue in colour and very light in terms of weight, it weighs ninety grams. One end of the cable is OBDII standard plug that is meant to be plugged in the car while the other end is the USB interface meant to be plugged into the computer or other mobile electronic devices that have a USB port. It reads and clears fault codes, tests components, reads the data stream, accesses security information and even scan the whole vehicle. It is also capable of observing the 3 categories of data streams at the same time. It is upgraded to match with anti theft security system by designing it with seven pins. It is compatible with other OBD2 tools and most of computer diagnostic software. VAG HEX CAN USB Interface This is an inbuilt diagnostic tool that facilitates communication and identification of problems. It is compatible with other VAG COM Diagnostics and computer software & hardware. It is capable of reading mileage information stored in EDC parts and the various ECUs. It features a USB cable which support measuring values, adaptations and output tests through the help of UDS and ODX protocols VAG COM 11.11.3 VAG COM 11.11.3 is similar to VAG-COM OBDII 409.1 Black USB cable in terms of functions and usage. It works with Pentium III computers and with a Memory of 256MB. It is compatible with windows XP, Vista and other latest windows operating software. OBD 2 tools such as VAG COM 11.11.3 are therefore very important at detecting key problems and difficulties that cannot be noticed by human eyes during inspection. The information acquired by OBD 2 tools can be also be used for monitoring fuel efficiency, vehicle tracking, prevent dangerous driving such as over speeding and using mobile phones when driving among other uses. These product reviews by car owners clearly indicates that they are of great importance to the car performance and maintenance. They are acquired at a very cheap affordable price at the global markets. We manufacture and directly export from our factory and pass on the saving to our clients. You can place orders directly at our website: Thank you!
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