Pain and Suffering

Citrus Heights, California
November 1, 2013 3:11am CST
When Kathryn Sebelius was interviewed today by Congress she stated the Website was operating just fine. After going on the website, only to find out it was still down, she backtracked and stated it would be working by November 30th. After more down playing of a noticeably broken Website, she said its a small glitch. Who does she think she's talking too, the wall. Does she not understand people have been kicked off their Health Insurance plans, some of which they have had for years. Does she not understand millions of people are now in with the millions of others that have NO INSURANCE? People are suffering due to incompetence, and she wants to lie and play it off like a glitch! I'm sorry the glitch is your still employed and not being charged with Fraud! So Obamacare was suppose to give millions of uninsured people Health Insurance, Why is now making millions more uninsured then? To think this was an accident is just ignorance. A child with a Web design program could have done a way better job, and for pocket change. Why are you not telling the states who has signed up, seeing as they will be penalized for those that have not? Yet instead of being held accountable, she has the full backing of Mr. Obamacare himself. Well as demonstrated before, people that have not done their job as asked by POTUS, have been fired. So one is left with the thought, that she was doing and is doing the job he asked her to do.Make sure Obamacare fails, and people suffer and you'll stay employed. Its the same M.O. as the IRS, target enemies of the administration and get 70 million dollars in bonuses, for doing a good job.As with Susan Rice being told to go on T.V. and lie about the video causing the deaths of our Ambassador and soldiers in Benghazi, and get a promotion. Same with telling en Holder to sale weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels, leading to one such gun killing an American Border Patrolman, and become U.S. District Attorney. I find it incredibly irrational to think anybody would reward what is immoral and at times illegal behavior. So one can only conclude that they were rewarded for doing their job. Yet the same old story, the President learned about it the same as everyone else, by news media reports. I call "Bull" to believe when your tapping everyone's phone,emails, controlling what media shows(no more reports on Snowden, even though he's still putting out incriminating documents), the fact that you found when no one else could Osama Bin Laden. That you were completely unaware of any thing happening in your own backyard. Yet while the American people continue to go through pain and suffering due to your policies. You continue to want to lie and manipulate them. But through all this I'm proud to say that the American people, did not fall into your scheme and riot, or rebel. We know that we are stronger than that, we do not need to cause violence to give reason for conflict. We as a nation know it is better to stand against tyranny through non-violence. As history has shown nobody, has ever been known for getting what they want by using terror or violence. Yet many a people have and will always be known to bring great change to not only a nation, but to the world by protests,marches, and non-violent means. As you continue to supply ammo,tanks,guns to your Department of Homeland Defense in preparation of an uprising. We continue to voice our opinion, stand fast with our resolve, and we will not let our Nation, these united States, be taken away from us.Yet we will never need to sink to a level of using violence to reach our goal. This is not about you sir, this is about us, about the people you took oath to protect, from dangers both foreign and domestic. Money means nothing, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is everything, it can't be bought, it's every man, woman, and child's god given right. So I hope you get to read this because maybe then you will feel my pain, my suffering, and see what this nation means to me. I love my country, and everybody who lives in it. Including you and yours sir. Thank You
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