November 2, 2013 11:48pm CST
Poverty as a social problem is a deeply embedded wound that permeates every dimension of culture and society. It includes sustained low levels of income for members of a community. It includes a lack of access to services like education, markets, health care, lack of decision making ability, and lack of communal facilities like water, sanitation, roads, transportation, and communications. Furthermore, it is a "poverty of spirit," that allows members of that community to believe in and share despair, hopelessness, apathy, and timidity. Poverty, especially the factors that contribute to it, is a social problem, and its solution is social..... so we should give effort as humanity to such type of peoples ...they are also bandwidth of our country .
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• Moradabad, India
3 Nov 13
Poverty looks fine only in poems but very bad in the house and practical life. Thanks.