I need to vent ARG

@sanell (2114)
United States
November 23, 2006 2:17am CST
So With most home based businesses as others become your customer or even as your business builders you are going to have some that come and go....But man, I am so angry with this one, you would think that perhaps I would have gotten some kind of call or something from this gal it just sucks. I am not out of the game or anything like that but sitll it is so aggravating and I know it is just how it is, and even employers probably deal with this too to some extent but I have to say that it just seems odd that all of a sudden people would just quit on me after the fact is, they wanted to join with me in the first place. It is just so bizarre. Oh well, I guess i just have to move onto the next person, at least I was making money and still am so I should not be too heartbroken...I know I will get use to this. Thanks for letting me vent I feel better and now I need to go to bed.
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