Being Nice

November 4, 2013 2:31am CST
Well, in my mind, it means being kind, generous, agreeable, pleasant, respectable, friendly, forgiving and tactful. It means going out of your way to treat others in the way that you want to be treated. Being nice for me is one of my Valuable Traits because i believe that being a nice to other people makes them happy for example if that people feel sad and feels that she is alone that no one cares about her if you greet her like "You look Pretty Today" "You look Great Today" so she will be smiling for a bit i'm sure and she will start talking with you until she realize that she is not alone something you do to a person makes them happy for example greet them Good morning or something you can give a compliment to her. What are the advantages of being nice? Some might say that there actually aren’t any advantages and that it would be better to just take care of your own needs without thinking about the people around. I know, I know, everybody feels like this from time to time. But we must not let some vicious actions of certain people affect our behavior, because even if sometimes you might not believe it, there are a lot of wonderful advantages of being nice to other people that you must always consider. One of the most important advantages of being nice to other people is the fact that you’ll never feel alone ‘cause you’ll always be surrounded by a lot of friends. Everyone would like to have a polite, gentle, caring person as his or her best friend. I know I would… So, don’t let some rude and mean people get you down. Just be yourself, be nice to the ones around you and you’ll see that the right people will appreciate it. Why not just smile and let it go? It is good for you to be nice in these situations. Being nice also means doing kind acts. It means volunteering, donating and pitching in to make your home, neighborhood and community a better place. It means offering yourself to a cause that you believe to be worthwhile. This might be something big like saving the environment or little like helping your spouse carry in the groceries. Nice is such a small word, but it has big implications. It takes a little time and effort, but it is all so incredibly worth it. Most of us have learned that it’s good to be nice, that we should put others first, that we should always help them and have a reputable image in front of others. If you’re frequently seen as a nice person, this is probably the sign that you’ve internalized this way of thinking a bit too well. Being nice when you get cut off in traffic, means that instead of assuming the driver is an insane jerk and giving them the bird, you give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they didn’t see you or maybe they were late for a very important meeting or maybe they just made a mistake. I’m not against helping others or being kind. I do think however that many people take this too far and end up sacrificing their own needs in order to please others, thinking that this will solve everything in their lives. And unfortunately, that’s very far from the truth. It is much easier to like someone that is nice. We all want friends that are kind, giving and considerate. We want and need people in our lives that support us and that will be there for us when we need them. The old saying, “Be a friend to have a friend” really holds true and research shows that those with a greater social network are often happier, healthier and more productive!
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@Bluedoll (17054)
• Canada
4 Nov 13
I think you are right sometime we need to put our best foot forward.
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@Hulnek (14)
• Kampala, Uganda
5 Nov 13
I believe that the greatest non-tangible reward anyone can earn from others is the HAPPINESS, JOY & SMILES others get out of your kind actions...
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