How to transfer music from iPad to computer, iTunes

Guangzhou, China
November 4, 2013 3:55am CST
You have the option to sync all songs and playlists or selected playlists. Your iPad will need to have enough free space to sync the content that you have selected from your library. Tip: You can use the capacity bar at the bottom of the ipadsettings window to determine how much free space is available. The size of a playlist can be determined by selecting it and looking at the bottom of the iTunes window. How to get music off iPad onto computer, iTunes NO. The instruction is clearly from Computer music library to iPad Syncing music and podcasts automatically Connect ipador iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Select your ipador iPhone in the Devices section on the left side of the iTunes window. In the main iTunes browser window, select Music. Select the option to Sync Music. How to transfer music from ipad to computer You can also automatically sync podcasts to your device. Select the Podcasts and choose to sync all podcasts or selected ones. You can also determine which episodes are synced based on if they are recent, new, or unplayed. This software is easy to use and a music life saver. I hope someone can reply to this message. I completed all the steps and dragged the media folder into Itunes. Only half of the songs were transferred and the weird file names were not switched to the actual song/artist names. How do I find the remaining 300 songs? Do I need to go through each one to type in the name and artist like before? Click Apply and iTunes will begin syncing the audio content you've selected to your ipador iPhone. The iTunes LCD will display the sync progress and notify you when the sync is complete. To disconnect your ipador iPhone, select it under Devices and click the eject icon next to it. iExplorer no longer works on the Mac, they have disabled all functionality and now just push links to their site where they sell similar software for relatively high prices. Is there another solution to this problem? Half of my songs weren’t there (my logic say that’s because iexplorer costs money now and the demo limit the number of songs you can export to 49 files of about 25 songs each) and half of those songs only came up as those 4 letters. Everything was great and smooth running until the end when I had a combination of these problems Lewis and Tony had. Help on how to fix these? I tested iExplorer from my 4S iOS6 and it copied the files fine to the designated location on my PC (Win XP Pro). However, the metadata was not fine. It dropped things like track number, genre and others. It put Artist in the Album field. I recently subscribed to iTunes Match – is there something funky going on with that? After my dad destroyed my laptop, I thought I’d lost every little bit of music I had. The hard drive was damaged and everything but was still on my iPhone. Oh dear f-cking god, thank you for this tutorial! It saved me at least a week of frustrating music replacement!">How
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