How to backup text message from android to Computer

Guangzhou, China
November 8, 2013 2:39am CST
It can help you: - Copy and backup SMS from Anroid phone to computer. - Restore SMS to android phone any time. - Send SMS & SMS Chat on computer directly. -Transfer SMS to android phone from Computer(iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry etc). - View SMS messages in threading mode on computer. This article is severely overcomplicating things. There is no reason for any Android user to lose contact information, or pretty much anything else. If you sign into your Google account, you're pretty much set. I had to replace my HTC One last week. I didn't worry a single bit about lost data, and I don't run any specific "backup" software. I signed on, and all my contacts, emails, and text messages were restored instantly. There was the minor annoyance of re-downloading some apps, but that's it. The phone was set up exactly like my old one in less than an hour. Everything in its place. A few points: - texts will only restore if you're using Google Voice for texting, but Sprint (for all their faults) offers nice integration with your regular phone number. - you can also have the phone automatically back up your pictures to Google Plus, so that's another thing you don't have to worry about. The whole point of Google services is to put your data in the cloud, and the whole point of an Android phone is to access that cloud. If you use an Android and "lose your contacts," then it's unclear why you bought an Android to begin with. I used to use 3 or 4 apps to backup everything on my Android, I used G+ for photos, sms backup for my messages and another app for docs. A couple of months ago I started using G Cloud you start with 1 GB but I manged to increase my space up to 4 GB by doing simple stuff to spread the word, which is fair by me. I managed to backup everything, and set it to run on wifi at 3 a.m which is perfect and automatic. The best part is when they added the ability to view all your backed up data on the site especially the texts to copy and paste. It is just a great app I like it. Do any of the non-root options support encryption? Also, it's best not to recommend a backup solution without reviewing the steps for recovery. For a rooted phone, Titanium is all-powerful, but it has no recovery mode to speak of. There's no way to say, "restore my phone as it was yesterday morning," because the app doesn't keep an index of what was on your phone and when. So, if you restore everything, Titanium will restore every app you've ever had installed during a backup including an app you only installed for a day or two a year ago. My god it's complex. I'm thinking to switch from iPhone to Android, but for me, backuping is simply... doing nothing. If I erase my phone today, without even thinking before I do it, I won't loose a single thing. When I'll turn the phone on, it's ask me if I wanna sync back my stuff from the cloud, and if I say yes, my phone will be exactly like before (same apps placed at the same place, same contacts/sms/etc, same saves in my games, same configuration, etc). I think google should really do the same, it's lame to make backups in 2013.... frankly, it's supposed to be automated. I recommend another SMS tool.Godsw Mobile SMS Transfer 2.1 Requirement:Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5, Windows Mobile 6Summary:GodswMobile SMS Transfer is a software application designed for cellphones running Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0. Free download more:
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