family traditions!

Douglas, Georgia
November 8, 2013 2:30pm CST
In my family it has always been a tradition, no matter how old you get to decorate and celebrate the holidays. it's about love,family and and thankfullness, not about money,presents, etc. recently a person told me it's just another day to them, whether it's christmas, a birthday, or whatever you celebrate. it is more than just a another day, it's memories, and family closeness. those are the things you remember for a lifetime. like grandma's cookies, or the choosing of the christmas tree. wrap up warm sledding down a snow bank, hot chocolate with marshmallows. saying prayers saying prayers over thanksgiving dinner. this year for the holidays find your tradition. start a new one or keep a old one. beleve me it is worth it.
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• New York, New York
18 Feb 14
This is amazing, marsh mellow with chocolate. its loved to read your tradition , surly for travellers and food lovers.
@leeandrew (1226)
• Philippines
11 Nov 13
.It's supposed to be like that actually. In my family we don't do that either due to lack of finances. most important needs comes first so most of the time "important dates" are mostly just any other day. With my own family though, I am creating a different pattern... I must say different because I want a close family... a family that celebrates important dates together.
• United States
10 Nov 13
Glad to hear you, and your family are keeping that wonderful tradition going. Many others do too, but some either let it slip by, little by little as time goes, or have truly lost the bonding that takes place. Yes, it can mean some extra work, but it's part of the spiritual process that holds it together to create memories that will continue to grow for each generation it passes along to.