Small Town With Danger

United States
November 9, 2013 11:10pm CST
There's a small town near where I live that have many trucks that are in a hurry! The sad part is that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. My friends who do live there have been dealing with this for years. During the day, there are children playing, seniors walking, and animals running loose, even though the pets are not suppose to be unattended at any time. The majority of these speedy truckers accelerate more during the night, and when the weather is poor. Rainy or foggy conditions don't matter, nor the fact that talking on the phone while driving is illegal in this state. They see truckers that are hauling gasoline speeding, and talking on their phones almost every day. I had asked my friends why the police do not work more to slow this down a bit. They said that the town would not allow the speed traps and the like. I'm no fan of this myself, but do wonder how long it will be before a real serious accident happens. There's been three utility poles crashed right in the heart of town. This seems to occur about once a year, at least. There are a few officers that do live in this town. About three county deputies, and one or two state police. What should be done? Is there any way to get someone to help ensure the safety there? It's been going on for so long that I am truly puzzled. The speed limit is 35 through town, and they go 15 to 20 mph more than that. Any suggestions will be relayed on to my friends.
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• Blacktown, Australia
31 Dec 13
The towns people need to keep lobbying for due attention. A diversion route, traffic lights, a round-about or road humps are the expensive alternative. 'Slow Down' billboards or other warning signs with flashing lights would be a cheaper option. Still it would not surprise me if a few statistics is the only way to bring authorities to action.
• United States
31 Dec 13
Thank you for a nice comment! I've heard that most of the council people in the town really don't the place to be known as a "speed trap" town, so they don't push for much action. As you said, the statistics are sometimes the only way people learn. That's sad because it could be a person, instead of poor animals that are running loose. The speed limit signs should be enough for the high speed truckers, but other warning signs do sound like a good idea. I will tell a friend so he can pass the suggestion along. That would probably be the low cost way of doing some good anyway. One quick mention about New Mexico.s warning that traffic is monitored by air patrol. It made me slow down from about 85 to the legal 55 at the time limit back in the 80's.