Grow Your Anointing, Grow Your Wealth.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia
November 17, 2013 5:23am CST
If you grow yourself, you grow your wealth. Why? Because your growth happens in two ways. Imagine an ordinary plant. The plant always grows in two ways. The visible growth is the branches, twigs, leaves, and fruits. But beneath the visible growth is the invisible growth—the network of roots underneath the ground. And all that visible growth is totally dependent on the invisible growth beneath the ground. In the same way, if you want to grow your outer wealth, you need to grow your inner wealth. So many people are so focused on their outer growth: They want their money to grow. They want their profits to rise. They want their business to expand. They want to get promoted. But they miss the point. If you want outer prosperity, you need to work on your inner prosperity. Today, I invite you to work on yourself. Specifically, I invite you to work on your anointing. And spontaneously, the money will follow. Let me tell you how… Get Ready For Explosive Growth I can’t help but think of Light of Jesus, my spiritual family. Last year, we only had one Feast in Metro Manila. But this year, we have 10 Feasts. In 12 months, we grew tenfold! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Not only that, but each of those 10 Feasts are growing. People ask me, “What’s happening?” In my mind, it’s very obvious. What you see now is visible growth. But for 30 years, God was growing our roots. Today, we’re experiencing explosive growth. And let me give you a fearless prophecy: There’ll be a thousand Feasts all over the world. Just give it a few more years. Friend, you may be in a same situation. You may be wondering why all these years, nothing is happening to your life. To your career. To your business. But all this time, you’ve been faithful, doing what’s right, developing yourself. Yet you’re not seeing the results. “Bo, I’ve been praying hard. But I don’t see any growth!” Don’t be discouraged. In the spiritual realm, God is working on your roots. Growth is happening on the inside. Once the preparation is done, you too will see explosive growth in your life. Know Your Anointing If you want to grow your wealth, you need to grow your anointing. Friend, God has given you a special anointing. Your anointing should be obvious. Your anointing is where you excel. Your anointing is where you win. Embrace Your Anointing In the Bible, kings and prophets were anointed. Samuel was anointed. Saul was anointed. David was anointed. Isaiah was anointed. When a person is anointed, oil is poured on his head, oil being a symbol of the Spirit. When a person is anointed, he is empowered for a special talk. Friend, you’re anointed. God has anointed you. You were born for greatness. There’s a great person within you. There’s a successful person waiting to manifest within you. You may not feel it, but He has anointed you. That means you’ve been empowered for a special task. This is how God wants you to bless the world. You know that. But you may not know this big fact: This is also how God will prosper you. Some are anointed to do accounting. Some are anointed to do fashion. Some are anointed to manage companies. Some are anointed to plant farms. Some are anointed to care for the sick. Some are anointed to sing, or dance, or paint. I repeat: You’re anointed. This is how you’ll bless the world. And this is how God will prosper you too. Read the full article, Click here--
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