WOMEN: When getting waxing and/or Eyelash extension servics done, what type of atmosphere do you want/expect?

@rndistgg (109)
United States
November 19, 2013 7:44pm CST
I'm thinking about leasing a station with my friend doing waxing and eyelash extensions. She is a hair stylist. It would be 1 room equipped with her shampoo bowl, dryer chair and main chair/mirror and then my side will have my bed and vanity area with my waxing and lash supplies. The room is about 11'x17' Here's the question... As far as WAXING goes...(especially concerned with my Brazilian wax clients) How comfortable/uncomfortable would you be or do you think clients would be, to be separated by a doctor's office-like curtain? Would it be weird since my friend is doing hair in the same room even though no one can see? Do you think new clients would be uncomfortable with this? We're thinking about starting in January but it would be pointless for me to get a lease with her if it's going to be uncomfortable for my clients to get waxed with other people in the room even though there is a separation and they aren't visible. Same question applies to those of you that like having EYELASH EXTENSIONS done. Do you expect a spa-like atmosphere in a darker room with no noise other than soothing spa music, Or would normal lighting and light radio be fine. Do you think it matters?
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