Do u believe that feelings of the person cooking the food influences the taste of the food ?

November 21, 2013 7:33am CST
As they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; I think when a mother cooks for her children or a wife cooks for her husband her feelings get transferred in the food and probably provides nourishment to the family
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@jd_fun (11)
• Philippines
21 Nov 13
Sounds pretty figurative huh? But we can also see it in a literal manner. See, if you're too angry or hateful or sad or depressed, you might overlook the ingredients and by mistake add too much or too little, because you're thinking of something else... But if you are happy, like you're in love, or you had a new job, or received a paycheck or been in a party blast with your friends, you feel like you can do almost everything in a completely perfect way, you tend to make sure you keep the feeling or spread the love even through the food you prepare... haha. I remember a personal experience before I was in grade school. Apparently, our mom cared for us very well, that even at grade school, I didn't know much about cooking. My mom was returning home from her USA vacation, I was to prepare a spaghetti for her. I didn't really know how to make one (especially the sauce) I had to call my grand mother step by step. But since my happiness for the return of my dearly beloved mother was all that was filling my mind, the spaghetti turned out well. ^_^ So maybe I would believe that it really gets transferred Haha!
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• India
22 Nov 13
I remember an incident when I was a teenager and it was my mom's birthday and me n my sister prepared cake for her n she was elated by our efforts n loved the cake. Though I believe it was not a perfect one.
@cupkitties (7561)
• United States
21 Nov 13
A person being angry and upset might cause the food to taste bad because they can't concentrate on cooking properly. You could be cooking for your worse enemy and as long as you're in a good mood, the meal will still come out wonderfully. So, I believe personal feelings of love or hate have nothing to do with it.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
23 Nov 13
is what I was thinking...
• Moradabad, India
21 Nov 13
Yes,it is perfectly right. The food which is cooked by my Mother is always more tasty than any other food because the feelings of love are also mixed with the food. Thanks.
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@hebeyy (13)
• Hangzhou, China
23 Jan 14
I can't agree more,today my mother cooked noddle for me,and because she had something in mind,the noodle is less tasty than before.Therefore after lunch,I had a talk with her,and now she go to sleep.I wish she will feel better after a break,I love my mother.
• Aberdeen, Scotland
25 Nov 13
hello Do u believe that feelings of the person cooking the food influences the taste of the food ? No. But maybe. Ok possibly. Sometimes.