Being a Good Conversationalist

By Jd
@jd_fun (11)
November 21, 2013 8:08am CST
Being involved in a sales career, communication skills aren't simply important, they are necessary. In such a short span of time, after all the trainings and books we were tasked to read, I realized how significant it is for everyone (not just for sales reps) to study the art of communication. And being able to communicate properly, one of the most important element is the art of listening... When you listen intently, you get to grasp the point where you and the one you're talking to, could be on level ground. And we could start from there. It gets better as you read through different insights about communication and then try to apply it to people. I was pretty convinced that I utterly fail as a conversationalist because I fail to listen to the one who's talking. I tend to prepare what I am going to say next (not really paying attention to what they are saying). I didn't realize how selfish I was and immature. Haha. I sure am glad I had to study this art and it sure has its perks!
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