Moradabad, India
November 24, 2013 2:26am CST
The fruit of silence is prayer,the fruit of prayer is faith. The fruit of faith is love and the fruit of love is service. When we are born our hearts are as pure as water but our hearts are filled with the dust Of evils as we grow older. The heart of a child is considered the purest heart and God listens to the prayers of a child sooner than grown ups. The grown up people do everything to show to the public not for the purification of our conscience. Someone has rightly said that DO GOOD WORKS SILENTLY,LOVE GOD AND MEN SILENTLY.DO YOUR DUTY SILENTLY,ACCEPT GOD'S WILL SILENTLY. WISH AND ASPIRE SECRETLY AND SILENTLY, EMBRACE THE CROSS OF JESUS SILENTLY. Be silent or let your words be worth more than silence.
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@Redisis (52)
• Henderson, Tennessee
26 Nov 13
Yes this is true but Sunil who said God is a man instead of a woman ?? I have always wanted to ask this question Thank you. for God is the great spirit and God must have a Goddess Yeng and yang Male and Female all parts connect
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• Moradabad, India
26 Nov 13
Hello Lisa, You have commented after a long time. Thanks a lot for a good comment. God is Strength,Spirit,Supreme Soul and our Conscience. God is present in every creature. He is neither male nor female. According to me He is present in us as Strength and strength has no gender.