The determination of bearing replacement method

Nanjing, China
November 27, 2013 1:35am CST
Whether the bearing should be the repair concrete judgment method, namely the bearing have been take full advantage of the near destruction of specific judgment method is as follows: 1) use of bearing working condition monitoring instrument Using such as iron spectrometer SPM or I - ID - 1 type bearing working condition monitoring instrument to determine the working state of bearing and decide when bearing should be the repair, this is the most convenient and reliable method. When using the HD - 1 type instrument, for example, when a pointer by warning area close to the danger zone, after the measures such as to improve the lubrication pointer has not returned, can be ascertained and the bearing itself, can take at this time has not yet come into the danger zone, the bearing repair service. Exactly how far away from the danger area began to repair, can be adjusted by the experience. Use of such instruments, can make full use of bearing working potential, and in a timely manner to the bearing repair service, and can avoid failure, is safe and economic. 2) using simple tools to monitor In does not have the occasion of the instrument, the operator can hold or wrench tools such as conflict of round the closest bearing machine shell parts, ashamed of tools to monitor the ear by the sound of bearing operation tools, use medical stethoscope modification can also, of course. The normal working of bearing should be uniform, smooth not harsh voice, not the normal working of bearing has a wide variety of intermittent, impact or harsh voice. First have to get used to the normal working of bearing ring, then can grasp the judgment is not the normal working of bearing, and then through the accumulation of practical experience, and further can analyze what kind of what kind of bearing abnormal sound corresponds to the abnormal phenomenon. Bearing abnormal sound of category a lot, it is difficult to talk, mainly by experience accumulated.
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