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Guangzhou, China
November 30, 2013 8:42pm CST
I received a phone call from a headhunter at about 7:30 PM a few days ago.He said there was a job positon that I may intereted.Group EHS supervisor in a US -funded company,salary 15-25K per month. Wow,that's a wonderful job!!! I am confident with my knowledge and experience in EHS management,but what i need to improve is my english ,especially my oral english.It will be an english phone interview with the EHS director in the finnal stage.Somebody help me!! my poor oral english.... In addition,The headhunter need my english resume. I only had chinese resume, then I spent 2 hours in translating my chinese resume in english. I thought it might take me half a day to creat an english resume. All things are difficult before they are easy!!!!!!! I printed the Email from the headhunter and sticked it on the wall, I just need power to force myself to learn english everyday. And I found the mylot website, it seems an interesting website like twitter or facebook. hope that i will like it.
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@lqmvic (23)
• Hong Kong
3 Dec 13
Maybe your line manager is a Chinese. anyway, you will be working in China, So forget your poor oral english. just show your professional in EHS field. and you can improve your language skill quickly, if you want....
• Guangzhou, China
4 Dec 13
yeah, my line manager is a Chinese. I rarely use English even in a foreign company.
• Tianjin, China
2 Dec 13
Are you an an engineer?
• Guangzhou, China
4 Dec 13
yeah, an EHS engineer.
• Hangzhou, China
1 Dec 13
you are so cool with this helmet,hah
• Guangzhou, China
1 Dec 13
thanks. that's a personal protective equipment on site.
• Changzhi, China
1 Dec 13
it will be sure you will like it