Moradabad, India
December 1, 2013 10:13am CST
One of the greatest thing and most pleasant thing in the world for us is MONEY AND PROPERTY. That joy is the sweetest joy which comes after sorrow. Everybody likes pleasure in life nobody likes pains but we are unable to do any thing in this matter because both the things in life come inlife one by one. The most evident token and apparent sign of teue wisdom is a constant and unrestrained rejoicing. It is said that coming events cast their shadows before. But it is right to some extent only because I have experienced myself that great grifs always come silently. When the joys enter our lives we should not be overjoyed because joys and sorrows by turn. Our joys are not the same some feel joy in journey and some like to stay at home. Some feel joy when they are with friends some feel joy in solitude. Some feel joy in gossips but some do not enjoy it.
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