Ainol AW1

Dallas, Texas
December 3, 2013 9:51pm CST
Ainol 7 inch 3G tablet AW1 black glutinous new listing To be practical flat performance is more focused on the practicality of 3G call tablet series - Aino glutinous 3G has a strong hit, miss AX1 style glutinous rice group who do not worry, it is another to force Aino new 3G nationwide starting. New AW1 black rice is a 7-inch high-definition portable 3G dual-core tablet, which supports Huawei 3G module, fluent native support for Android 4.2 system, with excellent 3D gaming performance, front camera ...... now only 399 yuan 8G New listing! Tablet cook 3G, 3G Fun tablet, AW1 black glutinous rice not to take a point? AW1 black glutinous rice to support the latest Huawei 3G module E1220, only need to insert the card and 3G Huawei 3G module can call anytime and anywhere via the 3G network and the Internet. Meanwhile, the built-in high-speed black glutinous rice WiFi, but also set the sleep state is not dropped. Huawei speed stable high-speed 3G + WiFi, black rice offers double protection for the speed networks. Whether you are mad chase drama, or micro-Bardon, watch online HD video and wild brush microblogging more speed in the end. Good speed 3G networks, smooth black glutinous rice in the end all the way to play online!"]
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