iNew I6000

Dallas, Texas
December 4, 2013 12:24am CST
1080P 6.5 inch giant screen quad-core iNew I6000 Review 2013 , referendum into multicore FHD Full HD era, with the passage of time more cost-effective smart phone manufacturers introduced . As an internationally renowned ODM transformation terminal manufacturers , in 2013 , iNew introduced a variety of heavy models, the industry-leading top-level configuration , excellent product workmanship , high cost and sophisticated market positioning it to win the crowd recognized. Into the 2013 Gold October , iNew Zaidufali . Upcoming joint China -made mobile phone industry event launched iNew I6000 good OV officially released a new phone . Today we come to the phone Testing Center protagonist is this 6.5 -inch top with giant screen " artifact " I6000, the phone uses a full HD 6.5 inches super retina screen resolution of 1920 * 1080P, while equipped with a 1.5 GHz frequency MT6589T quad-core processing core , in addition, also equipped with around 13 million pixel ultra- high-definition camera, the overall configuration of the performance can be very good. Because of the larger screen size, and built a 2800mAh large capacity battery, so the whole weight reached 234 grams . Shown signs iNew I6000 first feeling is great , this phone is equipped with a 6.5 inches FHD large screen, this should be the current release of the largest mobile phone screen . Obviously the big screen advantage , either viewing or playing games, the visual effect is has its unique advantages. But the screen is too big will bring some problems, how you should carry, still as usual in a pocket it? Still holding it in the crowd received a phone call? Next is the actual experience of the author of several scenes , you can see it can be said when receiving a call is a veritable giant screen face-lift artifact, most of the face is obscured , on fart pocket and side pockets are partially exposed , consideration, I intend to start with a friend in a carry bag to put the proposal more . And if it is a portable entertainment as their cramped quarters weapon, then such a wide body estimates also fear that not enough big.]
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