The new core Aino NOVO8 mini ATM7021

Dallas, Texas
December 4, 2013 9:51pm CST
The new core Aino NOVO8 mini ATM7021 Aino NOVO8 mini is just 7.85 inches listed near a flat , thin fashion appearance , screen resolution of 1024 * 768 mainstream display resolution is also good. The hardware equipped with a torch owl ATM7021 force launched a new dual-core chips , impressive performance , low energy consumption , enough to meet the user's daily gaming entertainment needs. Aino NOVO8 mini narrow sides of the border , two slightly wider , although the machine with a plastic material , but the work is relatively good, the back also conducted a grid -slip handle , non-slip comfortable grip . In addition it also provides an optional black and white , but to meet the needs of individual users . Its front and iPad mini uses a 7.85 -inch screen the same size , with a narrow border processing , convenient single hand held . Hardware, the machine equipped with a dual-core chip ATM7021 in providing high performance output for each application game while its low power consumption is also controlled , it also built 512M memory, although smaller capacity when used daily application is sufficient . In addition it also has micro USB, micro HDMI interfaces, data transmission is also user-friendly and functional extensions. Aino NOVO8 mini is a rare dual-core chip 7.85 -inch tablet , but the owl ATM7021 dual-core processor performance is good, lower energy consumption , to meet the user's daily entertainment needs not be a problem . The machine is also provided dual cameras , micro -blog daily photos , video chat needs full support. Plus the price of only $ 399 , the price is still very to the force , and interested friends can a lot of attention .]
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