Detailed Information of the Maxiscan ms509 code scanner

Dallas, Texas
December 5, 2013 10:19pm CST
Maxiscan ms509 code scanner is a kind of auto-device used for reading and erasing trouble codes in vehicles. This code reader allows you to quickly find out trouble causes (troubleshooter) of electronically controlled systems on your car, by simply connecting U480 scanner with the 16 PIN diagnostic socket. It provides you with a portable, easy, and economic means of checking DTCs plus their correct definitions for O.B.D2 compliant vehicles from 1996 to all current protocols – which include communications between your car’s components and systems including VPW, ISO, CAN, PMW and KWP2000 protocols. The Maxiscan ms509 code reader is in fact a very basic model but does the job perfectly. It is light and handy making it a dynamic and fashionable in design. It retrieves Vehicle Identification Number (VN) on all the 1996 and latest cars that support Mode 9. U480 CAN-BUS OBD2 scanner uses a 3-letter acronym that you’ll have to follow besides the user's manual at first. However, this is actually not the exact fault of the diagnostic tester rather it's simply the government's mandated and monitoring standard. It will tell you if your car has a faulty power-steering-pressure switch, and whether the Explorer has or doesn't have fault codes. Features of the car ms509: - It reads and clears both generic and manufacturer-specific Diagnostic-Trouble-Codes (DTCs) and then automatically turns off the check-engine light - It is a stand-alone device with no need at all for and any other laptop computer or tablet to operate - Has an easy to read crystal clear-backlit double-line LCD display, identifies and displays pending codes - Multilingual menu, DTC definitions and the standard 16-pin OBD2 connector - Small in size making it to perfectly and conveniently fit in your palm allowing it to perform continuous D-T-C scan - No batteries are needed for it to be powered via the detachable OBD2 cable - Safely and effectively communicates directly with the on-board PC The OBD2 Code Scanner is simple to use. Though it feels cheap and lightweight it works pretty well. However, be extra careful when your are plugging the scanner into your vehicle's OBD2 port, since the pins actually seem quite easy to bend. Though this will not bar it from doing what it's expected of it. Most people buy it just for the occasional-time when the Check-Engine light turns on, meaning that they won’t have to drive all the way to an auto-parts store or shop to get the O-B-D2 reading and clearance. It is also advised that you take it with you whenever you go to shop for a new or a used car. Remember it won't hurt to check and see if there could be any fault codes in the vehicle's memory. Should the car seller refuse to let you check, just walk away. It is really nice to have that particular capability. It will help keep the seller honest.
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