Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Guide For Beginners

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December 13, 2013 8:53pm CST
Source from: We know the neverwinter Hunter Ranger is a very interesting class, which fully support the mix of ranged and melee style of combat. Flexibility is very strong and a variety of playstyle. 1. Which race the best choices for hunter ranger? Each race has its own advantages, for now, the choice of the Wood Elf, Half-Orc, Drow and Human race is very high. What race did you decide on and what status did you roll for it, and different class have different benefits for the 6 core stats. Such as, Wood Elf, Hard DPS roll 20Dex 15Wis 13Str and gives 27Dex 22Wis 16Str buffed; Human, High build roll 18Dex 15Wis 13Str and 25Dex 22Wis 16Str buffed. I chose the Wood Elf race 25Dex, 20Wis, 15Str and going down the Archery Path, aiming for the high critical chance. For beginners I recommended race Half Orc, Drow or Wood Elf. 2. What Gear Stats is good for neverwinter hunter ranger? Power / Crit / Recovery / Regen or Crit / Life Steal / Regen / Deflection 3. What is the difference of Aimed Shot and Split Shot? These Powers serve different purposes and sometime they can do replace each other under the different circumstances. Aimed Shot for Archer / Nature, I start using it in Vellosk. Sometimes I feel it’s better than Split Shot in PvP, the melee skill Aimed Strike is like Trickster Rogue’s DF. Do you think so? Split shot is also a very nice skill, which we can use everywhere, PvP, dungeons, solo dungeons and so on. Last, share my currently neverwinter hunter ranger build to you. At-Will: Rapid Shot, Split Shot Daily: Seismic Shot, Disrupting Shot Class: Twinblade Storm, Stormstep action PvE Encounters: Thorn Ward, Marauders Escape, Fox Cunning PvP Encounters: Marauders Escape, Fox Cunning, Hindering Shot
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