The Broke Up (My High School and College Life)

December 15, 2013 8:33am CST
It's been a while since his first broke up. It's just like yesterday, James woke up early for his school. He take a bath and took his breakfast and go to school after. He has been busy in this past few days. After going to school he goes directly to his room and study his notes. He is just like an ordinary student and he always helps his parents in their store. One night at 7 pm in the evening he was disturbed by a mysterious caller in his phone and he was to doubtful if he will answer the phone or not so he ignores it. The mysterious caller keeps on calling him every night, he was so angry of that mysterious caller that keeps on calling him for almost every night so on night in the evening the mysterious caller calls again, so he answered the phone and said "Hello?... May I know whose on the line please?" and the mysterious caller replied "Hi James! It's me Cindy, I was calling you this past days and it seems no one is answering my call. Is there any problem?" James replied "Oh dear! I'm so sorry, I thought your the one whom I met at the mall, I really don't like that girl she's always flirting on me". Cindy replied "Its okay, Oh by the way this is my new number kindly save it." Cindy was his crush since fourth year high school, he admired that girl so much for she is so kind and caring to other people but he didn't courted here because of the fear of being rejected. After talking on the phone he continue studying. It was morning and James was late for school because he overslept, he was on a hurry going to school and he met a girl on here way to ride a jeep and its was Cindy. He was surprised and shock because he never knew that in this busy day he will met his one and only high school crush, he love that girl so much, more than people could ever imagine. Cindy was smiling as he go to her sit at the jeep. James said "Oh! Its you lone time no see, I didn't expect I met you in this very busy day and then they begun talking until James arrived at school late. Even though he is 20 minutes late he was not worried because he was satisfied that he talk to the girl whom he love most. After schooling he go home directly, as he rode a jeep, Cindy text-ed him that they will be meeting at the mall near Cindy's school, he was wondering why Cindy wants to meet her and he go to the mall where Cindy is waiting there. James asked Cindy "Why do you want to see me? Is there any problem?" Cindy replied "There is no problem, I wanted to see you because I miss you". James was shock and replied "Are you sure?" Cindy replied "Yes! I really miss you James, Its been a while since we graduated in our school and I miss your laughs and smiles in the class". James was shock and at the same time happy of what Cindy told him, after talking he accompanied Cindy on here way home and after that they begun texting and sending sweet quotes from each other and soon James courted and they became lovers. Days, weeks and months past, their relationship were doing fine until such time they became very busy for their studies that they have no time from each other until an unexpected problem came. James met a girl named Anna Mae through text, he don't know that Anna Mae is his school mate in fourth year and that girl had a feeling from James, her real name is Tiffany, they begun texting for a couple of weeks until they became very good friends. Tiffany asked James that they will be meeting at the hotel near downtown. James did not tell Cindy that he has a text mate that he will meeting downtown. The two of them met at the hotel but they did not know that Cindy was there too because she visited here friend there and accidentally Cindy was in her way to the hotel because she will buy some food near the hotel, as on here way to the hotel he accidentally saw here boyfriend standing at the hotel so she confronted him and said. "Baby! why are you here?" James was shocked because he did not expect that they will be seeing each other in this place and he replied "Huh?" I.. I have something to buy here in that store, how about you what are you doing here?" Cindy replied "I visited an old friend near here and bought some snacks for us". James did not noticed that Tiffany was on here way to both of them. Tiffany confronted James and said "Hi James! its me Tiffany, I'm your text mate" James replied "I didn't remember meeting you in this place and besides I don't have your number". Tiffany replied "I'm Anna Mae that you've been texting for this past couple of weeks, I'm sorry I did not introduced my true name because if I did, I am diffidently sure that you wont reply all my text messages". Cindy was so angry because James did not told here that he will be meeting a girl in this place and for lying to her, so Cindy walk away. James was so disappointed of what he had done, he's been trying to call Cindy for how many times, until he decided to go to Cindy's house, he tried to talk to Cindy but he failed. He tried confronting Cindy for almost one month until Cindy decided to talk to James. She asked James why he did that to her and James explained and beg for forgiveness but Cindy did not listen to James explanation so she proposed a cool off. The two of them were sad and even their studies were affected, James got low scores and got many absences as well as Cindy. James realize that he was wrong so he go to Cindy's house and beg for forgiveness again, since Cindy did not want to loose him so she accepted his apologize, and they became happy but hose happiness they've felt didn't last long. It was Sunday and the two of them go to church, after going to church they go directly to James house. It was Cindy's first time to go to the house of James. The friends of James were standing beside their house, they were shock because they did not know that James has a lovely girlfriend, so they were very jealous. James introduced Cindy to his friends and Cindy and his friends became close friends. The two of them did not know that the friends of James and Tiffany has a plan to blackmail Cindy so she will be forced to have a break up with James. They told Cindy that James courted too many girls and she's one of them. Cindy was shocked of what his friends told to her because it was not true. James was hurt of what his friends told to Cindy because he did not expect that Tiffany and his friends did this to him and no matter what he explains to Cindy she won't believe it so all he can do is cried and cried because of what happen.
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Sad, but the fault is on him for planting seeds of doubt from the start.